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When it comes to achieving luscious curls and enviable curl patterns, Aunt Jackie’s has you covered.

You can order any of the top 5 hair care products approved by our beauty editor

from the online store of the black-owned haircare today!



Nourish My Hair Flaxseed & Monoi natural growth oil blend

This oil blend is the answer to damaged hair. It works well on all hair types whilst providing extra vibrancy to curly, wavy, coarse, and thicker textures.


It boosts hair growth and is a useful tool for protective styling.

It aids in preventing and correcting any damage and/or breakage that your hair may be encountering.

It prevents shedding and thinning.

It’s great for chronically dry hair & scalp



Repair My Hair Argan Oil Blend

This oil blend also contains argan oil and is another staple needed for protective styling.




Nourishes and replenishes chronically dry hair and scalp or brittle hair.

It’s super lightweight on the hair.

It’s a great option for those who love to wear protective styling.



The  Frizz Rebel Coconut & Sweet Almond oil

This oil is enriched with vitamins E, B, and D and is the strongest frizz fighter I’ve come across.



This blend is perfect if you live in a humid location like Nigeria.

It works well to soften and smooth your hair.

It boosts hair strength and overall health of your scalp after just a few uses.



Balance Grapeseed & Avocado oil blend




It works great as a pre-poo.

It helps manage both high porosity hair (limp hair and severe breakage)

and low porosity hair (hair with massive build up)



Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil

It’s made with all hair care essentials you need such as flaxseed recipes, coconut, grapeseed and jojoba oil, shea butter, and ginseng.


It delivers moisture, shine, and softness from head-to-toe.

It works well on all skin types and will offer the best results for those with 3a-4c hair types.

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