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Class is in session as our fashion editor teaches you How To Nail Any Dress Code depending on what the invitation says…


  • Casual: Keep it simple yet unique. You really do not need to overdress . That being said, depending on how you match your outfits you can ultimately dress a smart outfit down to fit the casual theme. Accessories such as Sneakers, items such as jeans and T-shirts are all acceptable, and even encouraged.


  • Dressy casual:  Also known as Smart casual denotes that you should put more of an effort. Dress up, but only a little. It’s often just a matter of wearing smarter shoes with your jeans and T-shirt vibe, so girls-  a pair of jeans, a body suit and a pair of heels will do  and lads,  a snazzier button up top with darker jeans would work like a charm with clean monochromatic kicks


  • Business attire: You should dress as someone who is conquering a business deal and exuding confidence. It might mean a dapper suit, like the ones worn by Access Bank staff, a knee-length skirt for ladies with a blazer. Yet depending on your job role, business attire could mean jumpsuits and on Fridays, native two piece sets.


  • Cocktail: You should dress much much nicer than you do on a normal day. Try separates in satin, silk or velvet. Suits. When in doubt, wear black. Ladies, you could wear a very elegant dress or a silhouette flattering pant suit say. For the men depending on tour comfort levels, two piece sets have worked wonders in this category, Ofcourse the tuxes and blazers and military style jackets would remain stellar choices.

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