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We can’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store whenever some one mentions the “J” word to us. You see, J stands for jewelry at the Accelerate Fashion HQ. And we’re obsessed.




But we know their are two types of jewelry people in the world, those who love to wear the over the top , in your face statement pieces (lowkey, we all have some one in the family or know someone who’s this type of jewelry lover) and the the second type are those who prefer dainty, goes with everything designs that they can wear every single day.




If you fall in to the later school of thought we have a treat for you in the form of LLK. Owned by Lola Ovueraye, LLK makes simple and delicate jewelry for the every day woman at affordable prices starting from N2,500 and they are all costume made.




Check her out on http://www.llkraftsonline.com – we promise you won’t regret it!

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