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For the love of smart children, lets take a look back to last week when the Bloom Initiative 2016 went down at Access Bank. These are not the average Playstation jamming, Nickelodeon watching, sugar binging kids (although, it’s not like any of these are bad), but a more entrepreneurial and innovative minded group of youngsters.

Not everyday will you come across teenagers who are particularly psyched about leadership workshops, but these potential nation-shapers participated with dedicated zeal and went through activities treating matters such as emotional intelligence.


Bloom Week is an initiative of the NGO Bloom Initiative for Empowering Youth (BLOOM) whose objective is to increase the global competitiveness of Nigerian Youth through their leadership development initiative.

The initiative is a 1 week leadership development programme targeted at 50 talented teenagers (15-17) from secondary schools already exhibiting leadership qualities.

The objective of this programme is to help the youngsters harness their potential, as they prepare for leadership roles and champion various impactful projects in their school and ultimately in the society.

The entire exercise went a long way to change the idea they probably previously had about banking, and they learned the concept of staying true to their positive personalities….and taking that along to work. Because hey…work is fun.

We had them over at the Accelerate Offices, so check out photos below.


Yup….still hanging.


Drama sessions


Studio session, trying out presenting on screen


Talk show host in the making


Look out Wendy Williams!


Future VJ


Avengers Assemble

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