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By Damilola Faustino

Change is the only constant thing in life. This is the same thing with relationships. They change from time to time and you evolve with these ideas. So those old relationship rules we used to follow, well, they have also changed. These days, no two relationships are the same. Here are some cliché rules you need to let go of now:

couple on a trip

The three-day rule

The old concept of making someone wait in order to not give them the vibe that you are being eager is long gone now. The wait for three days and then trying to initiate a conversation in this era is a foolish thing to do. You never know the wait might be the longest, as the person would have gotten a text from another person and might have started going out with that person.

Men pick the bills

The theory of men paying everywhere is past etiquette. Today, it is all about going together and paying separately or splitting the bill. This old habit where men pay is often taken for granted by women. So, avoid this rule and start paying together or divide the bill.

Waiting for your admirer to make the first move

This has been outdated the day social media took over our lives. There is a limitless possibility of a person getting texts from someone or calls too. So, waiting for someone to make the first move is not really cool. And you don’t want to lose your chances with that person. Go ahead, make the first move.

Do not kiss on the first date

It’s time to stop pretending that physical chemistry is not important in a relationship, as you know that at each point the universe of love is expanding and every moment two new people are meeting. In order to have a bonding and if you both want to kiss, go ahead and do it.

Not introducing him/her to the family

Earlier, people, until they got into serious relationships, would never tell their parents anything. This is a new age, wherein everyone believes in being honest and open, making your date meet your family and friends is very much okay with all.

Men and women cannot be friends

The notion of men and women can never be friends is outdated. In this era, it is true that men and women are also becoming best friends of each other and that too without any trouble.

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