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In the words of Rick Gonzalez from the movie Coach Carter; “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

These words resonated within me as I came to the knowledge that it was all so very true.

We all strive for success in our own different ways, but we sometimes use others as helpers. We ask each other for advice when deep within we know what we want to do, we seek approval for things we’ve done, even if we are immensely pleased with them to begin with. We are all afraid to shine, so we hold ourselves back.

Some people rely too much on the words of others and can’t move forward until friends or family reaffirm them. Some people don’t believe enough in themselves to move forward with ideas and notions that could change the world. Great people from our past have taken on the challenge to do great things and achieve their hearts desires through sheer force of will and determination. We can do the same.

Prove to those that doubt you, by being great. Show them the ideas they laughed at could bear fruit and was a good thing to begin with. If you need reassurance get it from those that are hard to please, it will be hard to earn their praises but it will be more rewarding when you do.

So go out and dream big, over come your fear by doing just what frightens you, and do it well. Your greatness will show, and it should rub off on those around you.

Life is a series of tests and tasks, and we all have different ways of coping with our situations. I know times get tough and it is always easier to remember the bad than it is to remember the good. So enjoy each day and make it yours (easier said than done but whats the harm in trying?).

So now, take a minute and think. What is your deepest fear? And how can YOU over come it?

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