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Dressing your hair for your big day can be quite tricky and tasking, but the easy way out is to accessorize. Whether you want to go for an edgy look with a big, dramatic headband or just add some sparkle with a few hairpins, the options are vast and easy to get.


From floral embellished hair combs to feathered headbands, there are so many ways to dress up your hairstyle without opting for the everyday, boring look. Plus, many of these options are more dainty and delicate than just using a veil, perfect for the bride who wants a little decoration, but nothing too “out there.” The best part? All of these wedding hair accessories can be worn long after the wedding!

Embellished Hair Slide


Cheers to loads of glitz on your ‘I’m-the-bride’ look. This embellished hair comb will leave you shining bright like a diamond.
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Gold Hairband


This is for the bold fashionista. For the modern, sleek bride, who just wants came slay and party.

Black and Gold Hairband


Who says a bride can’t wear black? Romantic and beautiful, this black and gold headband will add just the right amount of sparkle to your wedding-day look.

Crystal Bobby Pins


Where are my vintage but classic brides? These vintage pins define you.

Silver Double Headband


You can rock this headband just as you like. It can go round your head for an edgy look, or like a tiara for a classic look.

Feather Headband


Do you have an earth themed wedding? Or getting hooked on the beach? Then you need to make a serious statement on your big day as this headband is made for you.

Flower Crown


This vibrant, hand-painted flower crown is a great alternative to fresh flowers. Plus, you can leave it in all night without worrying about withering petals.

Orion Crown


Aww, kinda reminds of those princesses in epic movies. Of course, you are a princess so why not look it.

Written By: Omoefe Ohworakpo

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