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The biggest decision ever, when it comes to weddings is not the date, nor is it the reception venue, or the cost, the biggest decision if you didn’t know is choosing the right colour code. Weddings are no more about just two people coming together to tie the knot, weddings have become an expression of who we are. It’s an expression of what we love, what we think, the people we cherish and our entity.

peach-black-and-coralWhy does one need to have a colour code?

  1. It makes your wedding colourful.
  2. Helps you get a precise theme.
  3. Helps in organization.
  4. Makes your day exceptional.
  5. Adds beauty to visuals.

How then do you pick a colour code to best describe you and your spouse?


Pick What You Love

What are your favourite colours and that of your boo too? What colour do you love? What colour inspires you? What colour makes you think of nothing but joy? Whatever the colour is, then pick it.


Do Some Research

What does the expert say about colour and weddings? What colour hue works perfectly with the other? What shades are right? Talk to an expert. Ask Google. Make sure you are on track by doing more research.
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Set Your Priorities 

Have you dreamt of having your venue on the beach? Or in a white cathedral with angels flying around you with golden harps and crowns? Then think of colours that will match your dream or colours that will work. If your favourite colour is black and you want a heavenly themed wedding, you have to prioritise which is important (your best colour or your dream wedding theme).


Think What’s Trending

I remember about three years ago, coral peach and teal green were the colour codes for Nigerian weddings for the year. If you don’t know what to choose, pick colours that are trending that season. Also, you can use colours that depict the season you are to say “I do”. What colour are associated with spring, summer or winter?


Set Your Mood

Your wedding colours can also help create a vibe for your wedding day. If you’re going for a lot of drama, then a dark or jewel tone palette, like ruby red and black or emerald and gold, is a better choice than, say, light pastels. Think about the style and atmosphere you want to have, whether it’s relaxed or nostalgic, and what colours put you in that mindset.


Pick What Is Easy To Find

As creative and artistic as you can be, please pick colour codes that your guest can easily find. Incase there is no asoebi in place, pick what everyone can easily buy or find in the market. You don’t want your wedding day to be a circus with different colours popping from here and there. Keep it simple and easy.

5513624883_10ca011760_bTo all those planning to a grand wedding in 2017, I hope this few tips of mine, help you choose the right colour codes for your beautiful day.

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Written By: Omoefe Ohworakpo

Image Credit: NigerianWedding, MyWeddingNigeria, InvitationStyles

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