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There is the never ending circle (at least till they turn 18) of taking care of your little ones. Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating but most of the time it turns out to be so much fun. The love of being a mum overwhelms all odds and that’s the reason why mummies love to dress their mini-me’s like them.


I remember a friend who couldn’t wait to have her little one, she said she wanted a “real life doll” that she could play dress up with. Whether it’s a boy or a girl stylish mothers love to play dress up and the gender of their child has nothing on them.




Wedding invitations go out in flocks and as a mummy it’s understandable that you would want to attend one of these owambe’s with your mini me. And how awesome is it when your little you looks like a little you! Since it’s a new year you need new and interesting styles that you can make. Scroll down to check out the styles.





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