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You are probably viewing this write-up simply because you are fed up with some challenges of wearing foreign plus-size clothes…lol.

Most of the items in your closet are currently foreign, English to be precise, and you don’t know how to dress for work every day without looking boring.



Well, in the corporate attire or work wear department, having Ankara dresses as your absolute favourite actually works to your benefit, as some of the most classic and beautifully tailored pieces look the best in none other than this beloved shade.




Besides, if you are not quite ready to welcome foreign pieces into your office attire just yet, you just have to be motivated with some of the Ankara outfits that will make you the real African fashionista that you truly are. These are what you need to wear to work when Ankara is your favourite;




If you consider Ankara as your favourite , you should wear an Ankara hi-lo gown with Scarpin heels to work this time.



These outfits can be tailored to suit your needs all you need is the right Ankara fabric and the right designer.



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