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Today, I’m loving up on lace and nothing else. It’s amazing how Nigerians can turn a simple party into a runway show. Nigerians, we no dey carry last. Here is a look book of mouth-watering asoebi lace styles.

Style 1

This simple look is a plus for me. Effortlessly, she looks stunning. The royal blue everything else gives the white lace a more sophisticated look.


Style 2

These ladies are hot! The colour combo is sweet. So sweet, I cannot concentrate. Then the styles are well detailed and beautifully combined.


Style 3

You cannot go wrong with RED. Her style is thoughtful and sweet. Also sexy and fierce. Red goes with almost any colour but her choice to mix the red lace with white is divine. With the emerald earrings to go, this is definitely my Christmas look.


Style 4

This look is smoky! I love black and once you can rock it right, you’ve got me hooked. I totally love the style and how it bring out her figure. Her makeup blends with her head wrap and sexy figure.


Style 5

Royal blue with Yellow! Wow, this is one of my favourite looks. She looks so elegant and graceful. The off shoulder neckline bring out the beauty of her long hands. Go mama!


Style 6

Isn’t she lovely? The dress, the colour, the simple accessories, and that purse. This is a lovely one. Well tailored.


Style 7

This is another white and red combo. 6 piece low back dress! So hot!!


Style 8

She totally killed it. Smoking hot! I love the details of the neckline. I love her bold she is with this low bustline.


Style 9

Awww. She looks like Christmas! Beauty dress. Wonderful combination.


Style 10

OMG! I totally love this loo. Mustard yellow with purple. So sweet.


Style 11

Awww. I have no words. This look is elegant and classy. She is a classic girl.


Style 12

Sweet! Our Nigerian cutie. Love the colours. Well matched.


Written By Omoefe ohworakpo

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