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Even Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran did not give us this much stress with their on and off relationship!!!


Africa’s favorite pop duo has been stuck in a roller coaster split/re-unite ride since 2014 and now Peter Okoye is out with an Instagram video where he takes the blame for all the wahala, and promises the fans that P-Square is back. (Video Below)

If we had 1Naira for everytime P-Square have apologized to us, we would have 3Naira!!! Yes that may not be a lot of money, but that is a lot of apologies.

Apology 1: April 2014 (When they split the first time and we were all heartbroken)


Apology Tagline- The Storm Is Over


Apology 2: March 2016 (When it seemed they were really done…and so were we)


Apology Tagline- Family Comes First, We Are Very Sorry.


Apology 3: July 2016 (This one na una sabi)

Apology Tagline: P-Square Is Back (We are just here counting our 3 Naira)

And now…..here are the reason we care…and don’t.


1: When you hear classics like Say Your Love, Personally, Bizzy Body, you kinda long for more of that original sweet African vibe that only P-Square can offer.

2: The feud may have affected the Double Trouble album, and if we are ever going to be buy another P-Square album, it better have that magical synergy the boys bring.

3: To be honest they should rest so that we can rest. Haba. (This is where you say HABATICALLY)


1: They seem really confused, with Peter screaming ”I Don’t want Jude as a manager” occasionally.

2: We are not sure if they can outdo themselves from here on out. If the best P-Square days are behind…then we are totally over them.

3: Seriously, for how long is sibling rivalry going to be relevant news? Is it every time your neighbours are fighting that you are excited to go and do aproko?

Give us another smash hit or leave us alone to leave you alone.

Check out a day in the life of Peter Okoye aka Mr. P.

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