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You have Mr P bursting moves with his son, Cameron in the video of Ebeano, and on the other side of the family we’ve got Rudeboy losing his girl to sugar daddies in the video of Reality.

The now separated P-Square brothers are individually doing their thing with or without a secret agenda to outdo each other and prove who the true talent was all those years.

To examine how far they have come, let’s consider the first obvious factor in each person’s output as they have..

Stayed in their lanes;

Peter (Mr P)- As soon as the split took effect, Peter charged into his element and put out the song and video “Cool it down“. You find him sticking what he knows by doing his dance choreography with his squad. The same method has been applied to all his new releases.

His Win– He has managed to put out some work that he is comfortable with.

His Loss– The music has still not made an impact and his new video series, that is 2 episodes in, is really not helping matters.

Paul (Rudeboy)- Paul automatically proved the conceived theory of P-Square fans that he is the singer and songwriter while Peter is the dancer. His leading single “Fire Fire” came with that feel good vibe of the P-Square glory days, but with a plain video which doesn’t hurt the music of course but presents it with no special feel.

His Win- His music remains melodious, and as we hear on the recent release “Reality” his song writing skills are well intact.

His Loss- To be honest, his loss is more minimal, and it is simply that his songs don’t have the potential to bang and hit the clubs or the streets, even though they can end up in some afro love playlists.

What Should They Do Next?

Peter- Mr P needs to recreate the Shekini and Ejeajo magic. He needs to go back into his original element, and put more than usual effort into the songwriting in order to present a familiar vibe, but in an evolved and more developed format.

The song Look into my eyes was dropped over a year after it was made, so it seems Mr P still has a backlog of solo projects he is looking to let go off, before moving on to new experiments.

Paul- Paul actually just needs to keep banging on, but with an open mind to new experiments like sounds and collaborations that will challenge him and unlock a new angle to his creativity. The man has made hits….there may still be some of that juice left in him.

Final verdict: If you watch Paul’s Reality and Peter’s Ebeano at the same time, you will find one dance video with a few good moments, but not a total success, and one well written love story with sweet and clean video. This may tilt your perception of who’s winning this solo race towards the Rudeboy.

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