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So yesterday, Pastor Adeboye’s name was massively trending all over Nigerian Twitter. At first, I thought… ‘aww, bless, what wonderful thing has Pastor Adeboye done now to make him trend?’

But then I opened a few links and realised this was all about some advice Daddy GO gave some time last year (it totally beats me how this has just surfaced and why it’s now it popped up but I digress).

In the video, Pastor Adeboye advised men not to marry a woman if she can’t cook or pray for up to 1 hour and advised women not to marry a man if he doesn’t have a job.

Incase you missed the videos, see them here and here


What we’ve found most interesting about this whole saga are people’s reactions. Some people are outraged. Most people are amused (cos this is Nigeria and what else can we do but laugh). And a lot of people agreed with him. A surprising amount actually. Which makes me wonder if we’re really in 2016 or perchance, 1856.

Anyway, what we want to know is what YOU think of the message? Do you agree? Do you hate it? Do you not understand? Or do you simply not give a damn? Let us know how you feel. And remember, this is the internet- Daddy GO cannot see your answers and curse you so feel free to answer honestly and without fear.

Are you down with these marriage tips or nah? Tell us below.


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