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By Chigozie Uzoho

Paul Pogba as we all know, is a Manchester united player who was bought for £89m, once most expensive player in football world.

Apparently, the star has said the title wasn’t allowing him play well.

But after Neymar was bought into PSG for £199m and is now most expensive player, let’s see what Paul has to offer the fans.

Pogba said “last season, the first question…was always about the price tag. Now everyone is asking about football. Like for instance in a recent interview the first question asked was about football and not about the money.”

Unlike last season where he had the same amount of goals and the same amount of times he hit the woodwork, maybe next season he could turn the woodwork hitting to hitting the back of the net.

He has also matured up a bit after understanding the premier league and his team mates.

He followed saying “My dream was always to play. When I finished, I always felt like I’d missed something at Manchester United because I wasn’t a first-team player. Now I’m back and I’m happy to be back. I grew up a lot in Italy and I’ve come back as a man.”

And I think that plan has already started as he scored on his first game of the season.

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