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Lil Kesh announced the establishment of his own label imprint called YAGI on April 26, 2016 following the expiration his 2-year recording contract with YBNL nation.

Kesh said the following concerning his label and relationship with YBNL;

“It’s still what it is basically. We’ve never been business-oriented type, it has never been about contract or business oriented. Olamide is my brother and will always remain one. The relationship is still 100 percent .YBNL still manages Lil Kesh, Olamide still manages my record label, YAGI for me. So, it’s still one family, everything still goes round the same circle of people it has always gone through, basically.”

“The only difference now is that financial wise, Lil Kesh gets to sponsor himself financially, shoot videos and every other thing like a label owner should. But when it comes to calling the shots or deciding on what single Lil Kesh is to drop, all go through Olamide. We both decide on the song to put out there, the plans for the year. He still does all he’s been doing for me from the onset. He still calls the shots.”

When asked if he will be signing any artistes he said;

“My career is just starting. I need to be strong mentally and financially . It takes a whole lot of responsibility to try and bring up artistes, It’s not easy.   When I am strong enough, we are going to start signing.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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