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Pearl Thusi couldn’t care less what you think of her tweets as she made it clear that doesn’t care how her messages are interpreted on social media.

Pearl has made headlines on several occasions for her comments on Twitter and has often seen trolls try to debate her on some of her views.




The old Pearl often time reply to trolls and tell them just what she thinks but now, the new Pearl is careless of that.

According to her tweet;

“The day I care how everyone interprets my tweets would be sad. What’s worse is that they think I care,”

She added some more spice to her message by saying that she felt “humbled” that her opinion mattered so much to her critics.




The new Pearl is actually used to lashing out her haters taking her Snapchat rant in September against people who had criticised her cellphone brand on social media.

“Those people who keep coming at me for using a Samsung, all of my phones are, like, the best in the game right now. So, just f*ck off!”


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

Image: Tegan Smith, Google

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