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job searchWhile at the University, the thought used to be that graduating with an excellent result was all you needed to secure a good job.

Wait until you graduate and reality slams you in the face. That’s when you’d realize that sometimes graduating with a good grade is not enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, finishing with an excellent grade from the University is very good, it opens doors and essentially qualifies you for job interviews or assessment tests, especially if you still have age by your side.

What you find these days is that companies usually require maximum age of 26 years for entry level. The question then is, what becomes the fate of those that do not satisfy the age requirement?

So you have finished with an excellent result from the university, this does not mean that you should be done with reading or acquiring knowledge. As a matter of fact, you are just getting started, because continuous personal development is key.

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You could take up professional courses relevant to your profession, do volunteer work or extracurricular activities, sign up for online courses (there are free courses out there) attend conferences develop digital and practical skills, and most important of all, improve your networking skills, all these will make you more employable, valuable and move you closer to your dream job.

These days, organizations pay attention to experience, skill set, achievements and not necessarily your educational qualification.

Your excellent grades will get you to the door, but your skill set and experience will keep you there.

So about the question of “how can one get a job experience if no one is willing to hire someone with no experience?”

Well, it is important for those still in the university to take up part time jobs, apply for internships if the opportunity arises. Usually, the best time to garner these skills is during your penultimate or final year at the University or during the NYSC program, which would require extra dedication and hard work. Even if you are past this period, it is never too late to start.

Start Now!!

By Seun Adebisi

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