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seun adebisiWe are so good at procrastinating!

Okay, speaking for myself now, so during the last public holiday on May 29, I promised myself that, I was going to try to make good progress on online courses I was currently taking, finish a book I had been reading for ages and of course, get some office work done.

As at 9pm at night I realized that I had done nothing of what I told myself I’d do. All day I was watching movies, listening to music and chatting with friends. I figured I could always do it the next day. “I cannot come and die, I deserve a break for at least a day.” How many of us can relate?

Really, procrastination is not such a good habit to have and you know sometimes, you can’t really help yourself.

However, when it comes to our finances, we have to try at least. You all know today is the last day of the month and credit alerts have been popping all over. Now how many times have we promised ourselves that we were going to save up a particular amount of money from our income or salary and when that money appears in that account, expenses come to take almost all of it away. You then say to yourself “Nah, not this month, but definitely the next month.”

I know it can be difficult sometimes (we’ve all been there), but sometimes you just have to brace yourself, close your eyes and save that money.

Just imagine if you had an unforeseen emergency, how would you cope? That thought alone keeps me disciplined.

So here’s a tip: just save that sum of money, no matter how little, it won’t kill you, you’ll be better for it in the long run. Just do it.

By Seun Adebisi

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