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seun adebisiHappy new month guys! I guess salaries have been paid, shout out to those organizations that usually wait till the last day of the month before paying their employees. This is so funny because it is that time you see persons casually walk down the accounts office or department and begin to hear phrases like “Just wanted to say hello to you guys?” or ” When this thing go drop na?” or “How far na?” It is at that point you know that some persons are really broke.

So just a reminder before you get carried away with spending your salaries. please do not forget to save, invest a little of your income and then you can spend the remainder of your income on what you so desire.

You may say that you are not earning much, to begin with so, after paying your bills, transportation, feeding and other expenses, there is little or nothing left to save or invest. I understand that. However, I believe that even if you don’t have enough to invest, you should have enough to save, no matter how little it is.

inflation money

You find that what most people do is to spend and then save what is left over. This is very inefficient because sometimes you get so carried away that there’s nothing left to save.

One way to enhance saving is to place a standing order on your account, such that as soon as you get your income, the bank automatically deducts a particular sum previously agreed with the bank.

Finally guys! Please cut your coat according to your dress; live within your means. If you can’t afford it, then look away, there is no point racking up debts just to live up to a lifestyle or purchase a luxurious item. Mind you, there is no harm in living it up, just make sure you can afford it, so you won’t be one of those persons that stalk the accounts department constantly at the end of the month asking “How far na!”

By: Seun Adebisi

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