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little dropsI recently participated in a Leadership training programme where, in order to successfully complete the programme, we were required to embark on a social impact project aimed at contributing to the society at large.

So my friend and I began brainstorming on what social impact project to embark upon. To make clear, we were doing this, not because we wanted to, but because it was a requirement for the completion of the training programme.

Eventually, we decided to visit a Girls’ Remand Home, to talk to the girls on the career paths they could take and the necessary skills to acquire. We also intended to provide them with materials for skills acquisition programme.

We spoke to one of the coordinators at the remand home, settled on a date and time to visit the girls. A day before the visit, we called the coordinators to confirm the date, only to be informed that we needed the approval of the ministry in charge of such matters in Lagos State.

Mehn! were we disappointed. Why didn’t she mention these while we were having the initial discussions? We really needed to do something before the next weekend, which was less than a week away, we had no idea what to do. Added to our dilemma was the fact that we were always busy during week days.



Very early in the morning, on a working day, while still trying to keep awake, I received a letter from a young man.

Apparently there was this young janitor in my office that was recently admitted into a College but was having a hard time financing his education. I read the letter and I smiled. It was filled with so much grammatical errors. As a lawyer, I couldn’t help but notice, but I got the point – he needed help. I knew he recently got admitted to a college, I just never bothered to ask how he was coping.

The fact that the other project failed forced me to look inward. At this point it was no longer just about fulfilling a requirement but touching and affecting a life. I told my friend about it and we decided to sponsor his education.

The resources meant for the remand home were eventually given to him. I could not get over the blinding smile on his face when he informed me that he got the alert. My friend said something that struck me:

Sometimes it is not about the big things or occasion, small events matter.

I am not in any way undermining persons who undertake the big projects, but sometimes, there is someone close to you who needs a little support. You may want to look around to consider who may be in such position. Become someone’s solution. Till next time.

By Seun Adebisi

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