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By Seyi Omotoso

The news of the well-respected scholar, Pelumi Olugbenga, who won the an honourary fellowship of Hesselbein Global Academy, University of Pittsburgh, US, has continued to spread, with many in awe of the laudable feat.

His sagacity and distinction in leadership make the key reason. Young and old, students, and even lecturers of various Nigerian universities, including Lagos State University (LASU), cannot stop using Olugbenga’s trip to the US to encourage his peers to wise up, noting that scholarship is not all about CGPA, but what one has got upstairs (in their brains).

Collective opinions have been made so far among the students, and may are of the opinion that CGPA is nothing, but what one has  got his head to think and his hands to do during and after school, are key.

For a student, named Taiwo Oke: “Although true scholarship does not solely depend on CGPA but individual development, this does not, however, mean that one should then disregard one’s academics and come out with a low grade. I think that would be worst of all.”

We may recall that Pelumi himself had addressed this issue of CGPA in one of his essays titled ‘THE EUPHORIA OF CGPA AND THE ILLUSION OF SUCCESS’, just a few months ago, adding that best students, sometimes in a university setting, are those who have the highest capacity to ‘cram’ long notes within a short period of time.

However, eyes are up now in LASU, to see Pelumi land from the sky and celebrate his honourary fellowship of Hesselbein Global Academy, University of Pittsburgh, in style.

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