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By Daniel Ugbang

The only way you can get anything done for you, on a platter of gold, in a disguised manner is through perception; or at least, perception has to play a key position.


As written by Christof Koch on July 1, 2010… ALL OF US, even postmodern philosophers, are naive realists at heart. We assume that the external world maps perfectly onto our internal view of it, an expectation that is reinforced by daily experience. I see a coffee mug on the table, reach for a sip and, lo and behold, the vessel’s handle is soon in my grasp as I gingerly imbibe the hot liquid. Or I see a chartreuse-yellow tennis ball on the lawn, pick it up and throw it. Reassuringly, my dog appears to share my veridical view of reality: she chases the ball and triumphantly catches it between her jaws.

The way we perceive others is at most times at its bias trail. This is because we judge people paying attention to phenomena that are not to be really considered or maybe probably because it seems comfortable to place them there. The perception game is a lifelong gamble and the advice is don’t bother yourself about what others think or perceive about you, just be true to yourself and the game would eventually be won.

Play hard with perception when it comes to winning that trust from your parents; we all know family is important and always comes first, also play hard when it’s time to win that contract, get that promotion but don’t play it cunning like our politicians do. Try as much as possible to keep it linear, for it pays off in that line. And again, try as much as possible to avoid being bothered by what people perceive you to be; people’s judgements are clouded with imperfection as perception and reality don’t always match up. And I tell you, at most times a projection of their own issues (Lol). Also learn to understand that humans don’t care about the whole picture before they judge, they are often times cool with the one sided view or the negative and also individuals are well occupied with their own problems to even care to ease you off your own.

Perception is the reason you pay double the amount for a bottle of beer when you visit an upscale lounge or standard pub and question it when it’s sold to you at almost the same price when you drink from the roadside bars. That there should be a match between perception and reality is not surprising, because evolution ruthlessly eliminates the unfit. If you routinely misperceive or even hallucinate and act on those misapprehensions, you won’t survive long in a world filled with dangers, whose avoidance requires accurate distance and speed assessments and rapid reactions. Our conscious perception of the world, though relatively stable, is not static.

We are incapable of being fully objective, even in our most mundane observations and impressions. Our awareness of the objects around us is informed and fine-tuned by any number of transient factors; our strength and energy levels, our sense of confidence, our fears and desires.
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Being human means seeing the world through your own, constantly shifting lens. So take it or leave it, perception and reality will always have a discrepancy. Cheers!

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