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By Sarah Oyedo

And… the rains are finally here!

Remember January through April when it was sooo hot? We wished and prayed for the rains to come as the sun burned our heads and scorched our shoulders. Well… they’re here now. And of course, alongside their several inconveniences. Muddy roads, heavy traffic when its pouring, rampant flu and if you’re unlucky, occasionally, you get drenched, wreaking havoc to your hair. Even when you don’t get drenched, the humidity in the atmosphere is prone to messing with your hairdo. But, hey, you know we’ve got you’re your beauty looks covered no matter the weather. Here are 4 easy to make hairstyles that are sure to get you through this wet season.


Braids: This is a great option as it offers variety of styles. It is also easy to make into different styles and they do well with the humidity of this season. If wet, a few minutes with a blow dryer will set it right again.


Wigs: Wearing wigs most definitely frees you from a lot of hassle. Your hair is safe in a cornrow underneath and you can set your wig to dry on a stand… whenever.


Stylish Bun: For naturalistas, this style is your best friend this season. It won’t take up much of your time, quick, easy and cute. Off you go!

head wrap

Head Wraps: Head wraps, whether full or partial, are stylish and will always keep your hair dry.

Now, go and conquer this rain!

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