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Sis, we all need and deserve love so don’t let the RONA stop you from wooing your potential boo via your next online dating session.

I’ve put together a wonderful list of outfits that will keep you looking fashion-forward,

put together, and running through HIS mind like all the time

All items are price-friendly and available to order and receive today courtesy of

A vibrant red meets orange dress

If you’ve packed on some lockdown pounds, this dress is forgiving enough to hide it all.

The vibrant colour is also a smart way to make sure your skin tone pops perfectly and your image stays etched on his brain.

Feel free to turn around and pick a bottle of water nearby as you continue your zoom/house party online date.

That will provide the best opportunity to showcase the wonderful sexy slit back this Anne dress offers.

A Barely There 2 Piece Set

Sis! This Nubian queen Number, known as the Celine set may not boast the vibrance of the Anne dress above

but quote me when I say the design and detail will render you unforgettable.

If there’s one way to woo that potential boo it is by proving that less is more.

A little show of skin here,

a figure-hugging silhouette

and the fact that it’s a set means you can wear as above or separately.

introduce leggings with the slash neck blouse.

or wear a t-shirt with a wrap skirt,

this look is a win-win!

Be  Work of Art and Wear A Work Of Art

Oh yes, girl! This look is a winner, paired with jeans, leggings, worn over the cutest pencil skirt or shorts

or tucked into a skater skirt

Sis, if you’re sitting throughout the date,

best believe you can wear this on top and joggers on the bottom.

Ease and Comfort are the two promises Cheap and Chic By Lola Baej they delivered in this aquamarine.

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In conclusion ladies, all I know is that you’d be thanking me later 🙂

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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