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When you are preparing to beat your face there is a distinctive difference between what is considered day makeup and night makeup. The rule in makeup is there really are no rules however, there are specific tips and tricks that can help you slay your day or night look. But if you are curious to know the difference between night and day makeups, I’m here to give you professional industry advice.


day to night 1


When you are stepping out for work or simple errands during the day a more natural polished less time consuming look is ideal. Think to yourself less is more for your daytime makeup slay. You can hold off on heavy eyeliner, countouring even false lashes and instead go for a fresh face with mascara on the lashes, light foundation, bronzer and a touch of blush.

During the day you want the natural glow of your skin to be the focus of your beautiful face. Keeping in mind that your eyebrows are major focual point on your face so in order to execute a flawless day slay your eyebrows MUST be well groomed. You will not need to fill them in & sculpt them out with various cosmetic products if you have had brows properly groomed. If you follow these daytime look tips you will definetly cut down on your “get ready” time


day to night 3


A night time look, on the other hand, begs for you to bring on the drama. Fierce, fabulous and flirty is how I like to describe night-time makeup. Your makeup application should say yes to all the cosmetic bells and whistles. Play with color on your eyes, cheeks and lips. The bolder the better effect you will have with this night time look. The sun is not illuminating your face at night its just the subtle hint of light from the moon and the stars.


day to night 2


Stand out from the crowd and own the spotlight with full coverage foundation, sultry false lashes and a sexy black lined cat eye. Highlighting and contouring is not a step you should skip in your night time makeup routine as it is what I like to call the icing on the cake. Highlighting and contouring gives the face definition and that extra glow that is perfect for night time photos. Taking the extra time to go the extra mile with your makeup will set your night look apart from everyone else.

These simple tips are all you need to step up your day and night makeup routine. It’s best for the working class/mobile lady to perfect how to switch up looks for each time of the day! Every lady should learn how to take switch/fierce up a makeup look perfectly from day-to-night (and vice versa) without looking funny!




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