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We thought sprays, perfume, deodorant and the likes were meant for the fashion planet. While we are still here thinking, someone is obviously busy creating art using one of our most prized possession.


South Korean artist Anicka Yi, the 20th Hugo Boss Art Prize winner uses and eccentric to create her art – fragrance.  She once stated “Smell is a form of sculpture, because it has a lot of volume”. This is evident in one of her works That Fork Feels Good Sliding in My Mouth which comprises of a canvas made from a scented soap.


According to Dazed, the Hugo Boss Art Prize 2016 winner, Yi not only receives the hefty sum of $100,000 but also gets the opportunity to stage a solo exhibition at major New York gallery, the Guggenheim. Opening in April of next year, the exhibition will be the artist’s first big show on US soil. Chai, Dudu Osun and Mallam spray, where art thou?

A statement from the Hugo Boss Art Prize panel reads: “We are particularly compelled by the way Yi’s sculptures and installations make public and strange, and thus newly addressable, our deeply subjective corporeal realities. We also admire the unique embrace of discomfort in her experiments with technology, science, and the plant and animal worlds, all of which push at the limits of perceptual experience in the ‘visual’ arts.”


The fragrance idea might be an awesome one but didn’t nature do that first with the “Queen of the Night? Just wondering!

Written by: Odinechukwu Ishicheli

Images: Philipp Hänger, courtesy 47 Canal, New York, and Kunsthalle Basel, Basel


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