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It has been reported that, the new Perm Sec in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sola Enikanolaiye, told correspondents of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that, he is assured that Donald Trump’s presidency would not disrupt the U.S. and Nigeria’s long-existing relations.

The Permanent Secretary, Mr. Enikanolaiye said that, there was no need for Nigerians to be agitated over Mr. Trump’s victory as president of the United States.

The permanent secretary is also said to have made statements expressing optimism and said that, the long existing relations between Nigeria and the U.S. would be strengthened as the years progress.

He said, “We do not think that Donald Trump’s presidency would lead to a disruption in the relations between Nigeria and the United States.

“The United States and Nigeria have had excellent relations since the attainment of Nigeria’s Independence.

“And under every government in the U. S, whether Republican or Democrat, we have always had cordial relations

“So, we do not think that this already existing relations between Nigeria and the U.S. would necessarily be altered under the U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump,’’.

He however stated that Nigeria would not be taken unawares by any act by trump to the contrary.

In readiness for any such event that could take the country by surprise, he said his Ministry would be holding a special retreat in Abuja on Monday to address it.

According to him, the retreat would be a common ground to discuss and to deliberate on some of Trump’s rhetorics during his campaigns.

“Given the President-elect’s rhetorics during his campaigns and election, we would not be naive not to prepare for these eventualities.

“This retreat would give major foreign policy stakeholders the opportunity to deliberate on what Trump has said and advise government on how best to respond to this,” he said.

Mr. Enikanolaiye recalled that Nigeria had excellent relations with the administration of the outgoing president Barack Obama in different areas, including economic ties, deepening of Nigeria’s democracy and other areas.

Source: NAN

Written by Okolo Ezinne

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