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At the recently held edition of the Soundcity MVP awards, Teni The Entertainer won the award for the Best New Artist. The Best New Artist category also had Sho Madjozi, Odunsi, Peruzzi, Kida Kudz, Shane Eagle, King Promise, Kwesi Arthur and Mbosso.peruzziTeni’s win however didn’t sit well with Peruzzi, in a now deleted tweet, Peruzzi wrote, ‘’ Personally, I’d say I worked the hardest last year than any other new act, same way I made more money than any other new act in the country. There’s a way I see myself, it’s MY race, there’s a way I’m running it. Focus on yours. Facts over hype. It’s really simple,”

Peruzzi might be the hardest working artist of the year but that doesn’t mean he deserves rookie of the year, Peruzzi might also have made more money than all the new acts in the country combined, that still doesn’t make him rookie of the year. Peruzzi is entitled to his opinion and while I believe he has put in work this year, I also believe Teni is most deserving of the award, and facts are facts.

Here are a couple of facts, Teni had more hits than Peruzzi in 2018. Although Peruzzi put out an EP, it could be argued that he still doesn’t have a hit song without a feature. Here’s another fact, the Best New Artist category was ‘voters based’ so it means Teni had more votes. Fact number 3, Peruzzi dropped an EP and the EP made little or no impact while Teni’s songs have taken off and she is currently becoming a pop culture delight.

Peruzzi is right to think he deserves the award after all he put in work, he is however wrong if he thinks talent and money making is a criteria for winning awards. What Peruzzi now has to do is to go back to the drawing boards and write the hell out of those hits songs and give his fans some hits.

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