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Mr P has made his brave debut move and dropped his new single ”Cool It Down”, so here goes the solo career of the former 1 half of Africa’s biggest pop group. Now, the questions;

  • Is this a good enough start?
  • Will the song resonate with Psquare fans or isolate them?
  • Are fans going to receive it as a single of its own, or with some Psquare standard expectations?

Now, the answers.

FAM!!…..Who really knows these things? It is a very unpredictable situation that the Okoye brothers have put all of us in. As far as the music, Cool it down is a decent effort. Mr P is taking the safe lane by sticking to what he knows while confidently owning the moment so that fans can come along with him and accept him as a solo artist.

Of course himself and his merry band of dancers which include the ever loyal Don Flexx are seen in the video. They bring you the nice outfit switch while doing the pop, lock and dropping dance moves. It all works fine, but fine is not what the fans want. Not a bad start, but if Mr P is going to go down this road, he is going to need to go harder than this.

Watch the video and share your thoughts;

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