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Photos From Maxivive’s Phenomenal 10th Year Exhibition Creative

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By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

It is not easy being a creative, let alone in fashion; or should we say being a creative and in fashion in Nigeria? That’s a whole different type of willpower needed. We are certainly proud of Maxivive to have been in the industry for so long.

A phenomenal exhibition to celebrate its 10th year shaping the Fashion sphere in Africa held at the African Artist Foundation on Sunday the 3rd of September featuring designed creations from the past 10 years.

It took invited visitors on an extraordinary voyage of discovery through the niche planet of Maxivive: from Papa Oyeyemi’s own beginnings to the inception of his house right up to the present.

The curator, Yegwa Ukpo conveyed the brand’s ethos in layouts that inhabit and bring together Papa Oyeyemi’s design orientations this far. Photographed by the artistic Kadara Enyeasi and styled by the creative Director Oyeyemi.

Well done Max, we love it.

Check out photos in the slides above.

Photo credit: Maxixvive


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