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Pillowtalk9ja is more than just a pillow. We help people share love and find inspiration for transformation through our everyday, fun and inspirational throw pillows.


One of our favorite things about pillowtalk9ja is that we help people create their happy and transformational place by surrounding themselves with words – pillowtalk – that inspire thought and motivate action.

Words are powerful! They shape us, form our perceptions and beliefs. These in turn form our experiences and create our world. In life, many words are being spoken and the ones we listen to most – consciously and unconsciously- determines the world we create for ourselves.


It is our goal to help as many people as possible surround themselves with words that is lending to their true life goals and purposes hence creating the world they desire.

With Pllowtalk9ja throw-pillows, you not only get to create a space that is supportive in the achievement of all that your soul desires, but also a space that is the envy of all who walk in.


Our fabrics are carefully selected with quality, maintenance and durability in mind with a wide range of vibrant colors catering to the fun, quirky, and cool upwardly mobile individual.

Our custom design service also ensures that you are left with a space – home or office that is uniquely you! And helps you say what you want to say to yourself. After all, no one knows you better than you!

The Pillowtalk9ja throw-pillows are so cool that they make excellent gift items, especially because they can be customized to suit different events, celebrations and milestones. This makes it a hit for party favors and corporate events.

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