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They say love is in the air at the moment, and once the month of February swings by red love hearts seem to come out of the wood work like cupid went on a frenzy. But sometimes it’s good to take a beat and look at this love game in perspective.

One of the major issues with modern day love and how we should just talk to one another and avoid the games… But this is real life and here’s a real account which may help shed some light on things.




A friend of mine contacted me the other day and told me that she likes this guy, but he just doesn’t notice her. She was wondering what to do because it was really starting to get her down. See… He was the life of every party, witty, smart and when he walked in a room everyone would know, “HE” had arrived. So I asked if she had talked to him about it and she said “Now, why would I do that?”.




See what I mean? If she asked and he answered, all the wondering and heart ache would be over. He would say he likes her or he doesn’t or even he does like her but doesn’t want anything serious, or any one thousand possible responses. Any which way it goes, the game would be over or it would be moving on to the next level, with power ups or secret cut scenes (Pardon me, my inner nerd is showing), but it just turns out that she would rather not know the truth just in case it’s in the negative.




And so, the game continues, I’m not here saying she has to risk humiliation, what I saying is that sometimes it is just better to know, because you see, the Love game is all about trial and error. Love is a game of chance, sometimes you’re on top and then other times… not so much.

But no matter how the cards are dealt and what hand you end up with, this is a game which we all play. Some are card sharks and get all the love around them and others are newbies who keep tripping up and learn with time, but at the end of the day, the game is to be played.




So get out there and get your heart broken, break some yourself, learn, adapt and grow. Love is not going to fall out of the sky and the perfect man is not waiting for you around the next corner (Ok, some are very lucky and both things are true for them, but why risk it?) So go out and play the game…



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