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First off, we have a question. Do these 2 scenes below look similar?. No wait, ignore the colour diversity and indoor/outdoor element. Just focus on the setting.

1 2

They are both ‘’guests at different table’’ events, proving that Falz is keeping up the ‘not so much effort put into videos’ (yes except Soldier…we know) method, that we keep forgiving because the songs are actually good, and those flows are so damn sweet. Its even annoying sef. He keeps getting away with it.

After the movie themed video for Soldier, Falz is back with another story and concept lacking material directed by Mexx, for us to almost enjoy. But no we are not here to hate blindly. No, in truth the video is mildly interesting to look at, while those Falz bars come thumping in that sweet psychotic accent. From the pink vintage Benz to the change of clothes, to the pretty ladies holding cups and thugging out, and on to that one moment where he whips out a Fela/Bobby Schmurda hybrid dance move.

Not a bad look, but this Bahd guy may need to revisit the themed style of music videos in case the flow does not always compensate.

See Video Below.

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