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By Damilola Faustino

Getting a new smartphone can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve not been following the trends in the mobile phone industry. Manufacturers release new phones seemingly all the time. Some, like Samsung and Apple, put out two flagships every single year. Amid all this push to get your attention to buy a particular brand, what should you keep in mind when you’re looking for a phone?


The speed of the phone matters

Speed matters a lot for any phone and the processor have a key role to play here. But then, do you really need all that speed? At best, if your phone activity only ranges from making calls, running a handful of apps and playing a few games, a budget-tier or a mid-tier phone would serve your purpose perfectly.

Battery capacity and charging

The battery life of a phone can make or break a phone. It goes without saying that you should get a phone with a great battery life, preferably one that lasts more than a day on a single charge.

Ram and storage

With heavy apps all around, a phone nowadays must have minimum 3GB of RAM. However, if you are pressed for money, you can opt for a 2-GB RAM phone but it’s not recommended to go below that option. Phones with 6-GB or 8-GB RAM are better.

Camera technology

You’ll hardly find someone with mini digicams these days. The phone camera has taken over and it’s important, now more than ever, that you find the right camera fitted to your new phone.

What phone do you want?

Before visiting your preferred online store to buy a phone, you’re going to have to answer one incredibly important question: What phone do you want? Are you an iPhone fan? Interested in Samsung’s latest offering? Looking at an LG, Infinix or Gionee Phone? If you don’t know, you’ll need to figure it out.

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