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By Damilola Faustino

It’s the holiday season and naturally, you have been receiving guests as much as you have been a guest yourself at someone else’s home. Now, some people are party pros, event planners, experts at throwing parties – but some of us are usually just at a loss for what to do when it is our turn to throw a great party. Well, if you’re in this category, don’t be worried, here’s what to do:


Choose a date that works for key guests

The holiday season is a very busy time of year. To help narrow down the ideal holiday party date, you will want to get the party date on the calendar early and ensure that it works for your important guests. These are people who will add to your event in one way or the other. The ones who are bound to make the venue lively, the ones who can contribute to the financial side of the party and the ones that the party is actually for – your best friends and family, of course.

Plan the best entertainment

It is also important to prepare the best entertainment for your guests ahead of the event. This is again to relieve the pressure from your guests and to make sure that everybody is getting involved and enjoying themselves.

Find an appropriate venue

Depending on the size and type of your party, you may decide to host your holiday gathering outside your home.

Choose a festive theme 

If you want to host a holiday party but aren’t sure where to start, choose a theme. A party theme can give your party a focus and will make your job of planning a little easier. It can also be fun for the guests.

Send beautiful invites

Regardless of whether your event is big or small, an accurate or estimated headcount is compulsory. Choose a beautiful design for your party and send online invitations to keep track of your guest list. Your guests can also RSVP for their guests.

So quit worrying and get to planning.

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