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Just when we thought we’d had enough of the Pokemon Go craze, it turns out it’s apparently worse than we thought. It feels the obsession continues to grow more and more each day! So today, we decided to bring you the major headlines on this Pokemon frenzy:

Okada riders are TOTALLY making more cash: For those that didn’t know, these Pokémon aren’t easy to catch. When you register on the app you get about 100 Pokeballs, and in trying to catch em all you lose some balls/some might get destroyed as the Pokemons often breakout of the balls destroying them.  The other day, at a Poke-stop in Lekki (playground for Pokémon), three bike riders pulled over and dropped off 2 guys and a lady. They all immediately pulled out their phones and joined the horde of people pacing monotonously with their eyes glued to their phones. Apparently you also find free Poke-balls at these stops. “I ran out of Poke-balls oh! Had to run here quickly” said the lady who dropped from motorcycle. Well don’t ask how we too got there *wink*


pikachu ice cream


We are getting edible Pokemon (and its frozen too! YUM): Okay this is one smart move by Hans and Rene. We were stoked when they brought us the “Agbalumo” gelato and its remix the “Mangolumo” gelato! Hans and Rene decided to give us a feel of what real life Poké-Lures are like. Pikachu can now be found in gelato form on Hans and Rene’s menu. LOL!


poke gym

We might have a new set of celebrities in the country from Pokemon Go: Yep that’s right. Poké-gyms are landmarks were you can go have Pokémon battles, and there are a couple scattered around the city. Now the highest ranking Pokémon trainer controls the gym and has his name stamped as Gym Master on the app, a rank achieved by battling series of Pokémon trainers on the app. The fact is some users are not just masters of one Poké-gym, but go as far as 4-6 gyms, making them the most sought after trainers on the Pokémon Go app. We wonder how they defend their titles tho. Hash tags and mentions trail Gym master on social media these days.

The Andriod users are struggling to keep up: To use Pokémon Go on your android phone, it requires that you first have an installation file downloaded on the device before you can install successfully. However, with the continued updates pushed out by Niantics, the process gets frustrating for android users as they have to download the installation files and reinstall the app every time there is an update. This agony is not experienced by the iPhone users however as the app can be set to update automatically over a wifi connection.

Share with us, your experience with the Pokemon Go App and the users of the app. And in case you missed it, read about getting money off Pokemon Go.


Written by Abiodun Laaro