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Over the past couple of weeks, a new gaming fad swept over the US and is slowly seeping into other parts of the world. It’s been tagged the “Pokemon Go! Craze.”

The game infuses virtual reality with a GPS based mobility player experience to create a world where Pokemons are literally right next to you, and you have to go about and “catch em all!” and battle other “Pokemasters”.

Since its release, users have had to go to all sorts of places, following the map in the game, to catch these pocket monsters. Photos have popped up on the internet showing people in all these really weird places and in different awkward situations trying to catch the nearest Pokemon.


‘When the pokemon refuse to show face :(‘

Fast forward to the week of the 14th of July when Pokemon Go is released in the UK. By this time, our fellow Nigerians have caught on and have already found ways to get the app on their iPhones. Seemingly a long process, but by making the effort to switch your app store location setting in the US or UK, you’d easily find Pokemon Go available for download on your phone. Alternatively, you can create a new apple ID that has your current location saved up as US or UK and this allows you to access content where you’d find Pokemon Go available for download.

The hunt is real! So we thought to countdown the top #SavagePlaces where you’d find our Lasgidi heartthrobs looking for their Pokemon-

7: Your neighbour’s house: It’s one thing to scramble through your house looking for the pokemon. From bedrooms to kitchens and restrooms, there’s no telling where these monsters will turn-up. But then that Class 3 Pokemon shows up at Mama Nkechi’s back yard and you think ‘mmm, isn’t it time you paid them a visit anyway?’

6: The back of your boss’s desk: That meeting has been going on for so long and there isn’t much needed from you after your presentation. Bored sitting still and all the BBM messages have been responded to. Time to see where the nearest Pokemon is and BAM!! It’s right behind the boss’s chair…. Oh well, didn’t he need to sign the documents one more time?

IMG_7873 ‘Boss turned round for a second and I did what I had to do!’

5: In the Famous Gidi Traffic: Obviously, it’s very unsafe to use phones while driving, at all. But that’s what passengers are for! You will turn your friends into your Assistant Pokemon Masters cos God forbid you let that Goldeen get away!

Screenshot_2016-07-14-15-21-05‘Getting out of the car and checking parking lots is defs gonna be a thing’

4: The Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge: So there are posts online that show that the Pokemon Go app has positively affected the fitness and mental functioning of users. Thinking about it, a Pokemon on that Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge might inspire you to join #FitFam, and go join the horde of joggers on the bridge.

3: At the club: This one is for the minimalists at the club that don’t need to dance away all the hours spent at the club. You’d find yourself fiddling with your phone at the club and there’s that pokemon behind twerking sister Pamela. You gotta “Catch em all!” (and it can’t hurt to enjoy grinds while you’re at it!)

2: Lectures: We might not have to wonder why people are passing their phones to their colleagues at the other end of the class asking that they help them #CatchThatPokemon.

1: Shoprite: This is a definite. The design of the Pokemon Go app allows for places where multitudes of Pokemon can be found. From online reviews, these places are malls, parks and the likes. Now the assumption is that we all have more reasons to visit the malls. Window-shopping with our eyes glued to the phone- #Pokeshopping.
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Did we miss out savage Pokemon hunt locations? Drop em all in the comments below. LOL!

Written by Biodun Laaro (@beediesiel)

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