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The Greenbelt Police Department have released a sketch of the suspect who shot and killed Bettie Jenifer in Greenbelt, Maryland earlier this month.


Jenifer, who was married to Nollywood actor, Chris Attoh, was murdered in the parking lot of a building said to house her employment agency in the US.

According to reports, Police haven’t named a suspect or a motive yet, but added that the gunman shot her in front of about 10 witnesses before running off.

“Our investigators do not believe this was random. It was very brazen – it happened in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses,” said police department spokesman George Mathews about the incident at the time.

Bettie was still in the process of divorcing Kedrick Jenifer, a Baltimore-area drug dealer who is currently serving time, when she was killed.

She was reportedly living in Kedrick’s house before her murder.

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