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By Damilola Faustino

The appearance of blood on your toothbrush bristles, or in your sink after a thorough cleaning is not something that you should ignore. Occasional oral bleeding can occur if foods scratch your gums, but if blood regularly shows up on your toothbrush, it is a major cause for concern. Here are six reasons your gums are always bloodied:

healthy gum

You have gingivitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the tongue. It is painless and symptom-free. Gingivitis is easily missed unless you notice bloodstains on your toothbrush. But if left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease, a critical oral condition characterized by the destruction of gum tissue and tooth loss.

You smoke

Smokers are at a higher risk of experiencing bleeding gums. Inhaled smoke can leave irritating toxins on the teeth that can be difficult to remove through oral hygiene. These unhealthy substances can cause the gums to become aggravated and bleed. Quit smoking to guarantee healthier gum.

You consume poor diet

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one way to deal with bloodied gum. A balanced diet is important for not only a healthy body but also a healthy mouth.

You are female

Hormonal changes during menstruation and pregnancy can increase the chances of having bleeding gums. If you think that your hormones might be causing your gums to bleed, ask your dentist for advice on how to adapt your oral health routine.

You have poor oral hygiene habits

If you are not committed to a regular and careful oral hygiene routine, your gums will suffer the negative consequences. So, avoid brushing too hard and also ensure you brush daily. This practice will remove any food particles left behind in your mouth after eating.

You are stressed

Stress causes inflammation in the blood vessels, which breaks down the soft tissue in the mouth, inhibiting its ability to heal.

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