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For first time moms, you can expect just about anything when the time comes for you to rush to the labour room. It is safe to say, you definitely won’t seem over prepared if you have a hospital bag packed and ready for the moment of truth. Accelerate is here to help you get ready for that moment and those just before.

Now before we get into the basics of what you should have on hand, we know your 1st baby (because let’s face it, that’s what your husband is) will need some attention too. So here are 5 things you should pack keep you and the hubby entertained while you wait for your bundle of joy.

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Number 1: Ipad
– The iPad is home to all his games, ebooks and is a great note pad, so it better be close by because for some there is going to be a whole lot of waiting. And if he is occupied (when not pampering you) then you know he won’t be an annoyance when you are in a mood. As his iPad already has all his music ready, this can be what you use to do your breathing exercises or even distract him from asking how you feel every 5 seconds. We would recommend the latest Tiwa album or Beyonce’s lemonade.

Number 2: Netflix/ AccelerateTv.com
– So make sure your subscription is all paid up and while you sleep and he is worried and fretting he can catch up on his series. Then you can both watch old movies and reminisce from time to time. Then of course AccelerateTv.com is here. How else will you get all your shows and articles! Bookmark and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing while you wait for your little darlings arrival.

Number 3: Accessories
– Yes, you will have devices galore so be sure to bring all the chargers, mini speakers, headphones, batteries, extension cables, etc as you don’t want him driving home because his phone died. Then the ever important WiFi Dongle, as Hospitals are not known for having the best internet service provider, so pay that data subscription fee and let all your devices have the nectar of life which is WiFi.

Number 4: Nibbles
– Hospital food has been given a bad rap we say, but just to be on the safe side better have those snacks ready for you big baby (husband) because sitting and waiting is hungry work #sarcasm (Gum, crisps, biscuits, meat pies, spring rolls, etc)

Number 5: Phone
– We know no one really leave home with out their mobiles, but when the time comes many things can be forgotten in the rush. so for those quick calls to mother in law, taking babies first pictures, playing candy crush in the waiting room (or catching Pokemon because we know he does), then remember that phone!

Oh and for the ladies don’t forget your make up or that bronzer you love that makes you look fresh, as you know he will want to take that first baby pic or you can’t help but take that selfie. Trust us you’ll be happy for the tips!


Here are some basic must-haves for your delivery trip:


– Blanket/pillows for you and your partner/ 1 twin bed sheet for you (hospital linens can be stained and dirty) /2 towels & 2 washcloths

– 1 pair of rubber flip-flops (to wear in the hospital shower) & 1 pair of cozy slippers

– 1 robe & 2 pairs of pajamas

– 1 baby take-home outfit (a kimono-style outfit is best because of baby’s umbilical cord)

– 1 take-home outfit for you (something comfortable, but that also looks nice for photo ops)

– Car seat (to protect your new baby) & Warm blanket and hat to wrap baby

– Bath bag with: Prenatal vitamins, Liquid soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Razor, Shower cap, Face wash, 1 roll of preferred toilet paper (for those who visit you), 2 toothbrushes/toothpaste,  hairbrush, moisturizer, underwear and socks.

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With all these in hand you will be ready (to the best of your ability) and the most fashionable new mother while you are at it. And your husband will be taken care of, just like your baby.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source: pregnancyandbaby.com, popsugar.com

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