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At some point in your relationship, you’re going to have to meet with your partner’s parents. For some this can be quite a nerve wracking experience. These people are your potential second family and making a great first impression is absolutely necessary. Here are a couple of things to anticipate when meeting your lover’s parents for the first time:

-Find out relevant information about them that will help you easily connect to them. Ask your partner questions about them and even google them if you have to so you have a pre-existing knowledge of what they are like.

-Agree on the story about how you both met and make sure that your stories collaborate. Let’s be honest- most young people meet on wild nights out. You don’t want to be saying something different from what your partner told them. Also, if you met on Tinder, NEVER mention that to the parents. (Tbh, never mention that to anyone)

-Offer your help in any area that you can while you’re there. Offer to help with the cooking or cleaning but just make sure your offer is genuine and be ready to really help. It might offer you some quality time to bond with your partner’s family.

-Dress properly. This cannot be stressed enough. No parent will be happy to see their child bring home a punk dude or drag queen. While you don’t want to downplay your personality by wearing something that isn’t your style, finding some common ground on what suits you and what is acceptable to your partner’s parents is the solution.

-You’re obviously going to be asked a lot of questions so come prepared with answers. Think about the right words to use in talking about your family, education, career and interest and also remember to be honest as you don’t want have contradicting personal details.

You’re ready for the rents! Take our advice, go forth and dazzle.
Written by Treasure Asanammy

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