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By Nkem Ikeh

Last day of school and you are thinking “I can’t wait for adult life”. There is usually the excitement as well as nervousness because you have no idea what the world has install for you. But the truth is that life after school is one filled with a lot more responsibilities than you can imagine.


For some of us, at that point, our parents have “washed their hands” from our lives. No more end of the month awkward calls asking for pocket money.

The fact is you can never be fully prepared for this life, however, there are a few things that can help ease the shock of adulthood.

First, prepping for life after school definitely begins in school. Don’t wait until the last month of NYSC to start to gather experiences or get connections that can help you in life. Infact, when you walk into the class on the first day of school, start having conversations and making meaningful friendships that will help you in life. If you haven’t done this yet, have no fear, there is still time left. Independence isn’t about your parents not paying any more for your life, it is also about making valid, informed decisions that can make or mar you.

Try as much as you can to utilise all the free time that you have in school. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Hang out with your friends, watch movies, go to the beach, do relaxing things but also in that spare time, do something empowering. You could take online classes or learn a new skill on Youtube (God bless the digital age). What we have learnt so far in life is that it is not just what you learn in class that helps you in life. So many people even go on to make a living off that which they did not study in the university.

Also, make good use of the holidays. Sometimes you wonder, companies are asking for fresh graduates with two to five years’ experience, let’s calculate it. Work two to three days every summer throughout your time in school plus one year during NYSC, you have gathered a pretty good amount of experience. Remember that no experience is irrelevant. This will also help you have a feel for what work life will be like.

Finally, I know that nothing hard and fast can prepare anyone for the innumerable possibilities of life. What is, however, possible is a well enough mental preparation of what might happen. Just ensure you aim for the best and also prepare for the worst.

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