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Ifeanyi Okpala is an interesting character.


Ifeanyi Rubbing Shoulders With Lagos’ Elite

I enjoy meandering between plenty ideas and viewpoints. I am a Civil Engineer who has a social life and enjoys working on exciting activities that involves youths in order to make them better people. On this note, I cannot deny my passion for enviable human character, leadership, entertainment and romance. I consider myself entirely multidisciplinary considering that I keep abreast of recent trends and global practices in the area of music, fashion, public health and politics. One thing I cannot deny is that I like to share information hence, the birth of The Prison Break




The Prison Break is a column where you are going to many shades of me. I am going to be compelling, somewhat evasive and blunt. My narratives are going to be majorly descriptive. Occasionally, I will address pressing issues that have massively hit the youth space but, I will be consistent in bringing to the fore, areas where youths like me can find a common ground for improvement. We are going to Accelerate.

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