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So here’s a fact- everyone hates Mondays. It’s the end of the weekend, the traffic is always way worse and all the water dispensers are empty till like noon (that might just be my office but I’m going to pretend it’s a universal problem so just go with it). But you know what’s worse than Mondays? Tuesday.

This is the kind of behaviour Tuesday brings.

tuesday is a toilet


Sometimes, it’s almost literally like hell.

tuesday is hell


Tuesday morning breakfast.

tuesday is this egg

Tuesday morning bread.

tuesday is this bread


These are the kind of struggles once faces ONLY on Tuesday.

tuesday is this door


Look at this misfortune. It’s all because it was a Tuesday!

tuesday luck


But hey, come now, don’t be too upset. Cos yes, while Tuesdays suck, they also mean Wednesdays are just round the corner. And Wednesday is pretty much Thursday. And Thursday is almost the weekend so you might as well just call it Friday. Which means, hooray, it’s almost the weekend again!


fridays are better than tuesday

So get back to work. And remember, Friday will come again 🙂


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