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There is nothing like a relationship where both individuals are happy. It means you are making efforts to make it work. This does not necessarily mean that you do not fight. But you have gotten to a level where you do not allow these ‘little things’ to affect your love life. But the million dollar question is that how many relationships are like this? Very few. There is always a problem, This said if you really want a happy relationship, we share promises you should make starting from today.

happy relationship

I promise to listen when you speak 

Listening is an important part of any relationship. Couples should listen more to each other and if they do not understand, they should ask questions at the appropriate time.

I promise to let you be yourself

You do not have to lose yourself because you are in a relationship. Before you started dating, you had a life. You hung out with your friends, anyone could call you and you could go anywhere without being questioned. Although this may not be the same when you get into a relationship, you should still have free time to yourself.

I promise to make time for you

For those who do not have time for their lover, this is for you. If you are always busy, one of you will quit because you scarcely see each other. You do not want that. You should make sure you see each other as often as you can.

I promise to work as a team

You have to work together and at the same time, you must respect each other’s needs. This means you must accept that conflicts will happen when two people are involved. Importantly, you do not make decisions on your own. Both of you have to make it together especially if it will affect your romance.

I promise to trust you

Trust is the pillar of any romance.  Trust your partner. Do not ask unnecessary questions and do not doubt. The truth is there will be less relationship conflicts if we trust our partners.

I promise not to cheat

There is no excuse for cheating. Although your lover may not know that you cheated because they trust you, you should get yourself disciplined and do not cheat.


Written By Damilola Faustino