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South Korean rapper, Psy, 39, setter of world record for most watched video with 2.8 billion views on YouTube as of May 22 for his hit song “Gangnam style”, currently has more than 10 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel, a record for a non-group individual in Asia.


His latest album, “4×2=8”, with singles “I LUV IT” and “New Face” is focused on his roots and going crazy on stage while performing.

Psy, who has two children, said he wants to focus more on production and helping younger artists grow.

According to him:

“Gangnam Style gave me fame while as a creator, some rough times, but I’m not one to linger in the past and make two, three, four versions of (Gangnam Style) because I’m hung up on its fame.

“It was probably the biggest trophy the world could have given me. It’s now something on the shelf I can admire from time to time. It was like an addiction.

“Like when you throw a party, it takes some time for that excitement to die down after it’s over. I think it took a while for that exhilaration to subside. Now I’m back to my normal.

“I think the pain from being called that would be far greater than not being able to be on stage.”

Asked if his ‘Gangnam Style’ fame had deprived him of his privacy, he laughed and said no.

“Without my sunglasses and hair gel, I obtain freedom,” he said.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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