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Written by Alex Chiejina

Shaving can be a nightmare, especially when you’re prone to getting ingrown hairs; those hairs that curl up under the skin or grow sideways back into the skin, forming razor bumps and sometimes hair follicle infection that can form scars if tampered with.


In grown hairs are most prevalent in people with coarse or curly hair, like black-skinned and Hispanic people.

It’s also caused by having a close shave with a shaving stick. The shaving blade cuts the hair so short that it is below the skin surface. As the hair starts to grow back, it curls under the skin, growing inside.


To prevent this, use a shaving clipper instead, as they cut the hair exactly at the surface of the skin instead of lower, so the hair grows back from ground zero instead of ground -1.


There are simple methods for treating them:


Soak a cloth in warm water and apply it to the area for about 3 minutes to soften the surface. Then use a pair of tweezers or a needle to pry the ingrown hair from the skin. When out, most people tend to pluck the hair off completely, but this could lead to more ingrown hairs in the future because the hair root then grows deeper in the skin making it more likely to get ingrown hairs again.


Ingrown hairs occur mostly when there are many dead skin cells that block the surface of the skin. So with an exfoliator, you get to scrub off the dead cells that help the skin breathe and allow the hairs grow easily. So when the hair has been pried out, leave it, or if it’s too long then use a scissors to snip it.

Pretty easy steps.

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