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By Damilola Faustino

It happens. You’re driving and everything seems fine, until suddenly, smoke begins to ooze out of your car bonnet and your car starts to slow down. This is called overheating due to high temperature. This can escalate into a fire very quickly if you don’t know the right measures to take immediately this happens. Although this could also be prevented, here are quick things to do to salvage any car overheating situation.

overheating car

Shut down the air conditioner

Turn off the air conditioner immediately when you notice that the temperature gauge is going up towards the H (hot) sign. By shutting down the A/C, the engine’s load will be lesser, which would relatively bring down its temperature.

Look for a safe place

When your car’s engine is on the brink of overheating, it is advisable to pull over as soon as you can. You should shift your car into neutral and rev the engine a little. This allows the fan to generate more air and it also enables your car’s coolant to flow. When you’ve found a spot, turn off the engine and open the bonnet so that the trapped heat can escape.

Open the radiator cap

Make sure that the radiator cap is cool before opening it. Never open the radiator cap while it is still hot because it has a pressure that could lead to serious burns or injuries. When opening the radiator cap, you should use a thick rag or towel to protect your hand. Then, fill up the radiator with water or coolant to the brim.

Restart the engine

After filling the radiator with water or coolant, restart the car so that the water can circulate which would further bring down the engine’s temperature. While in idle, monitor the temperature gauge to see if your car has cooled down. If not, chances are your radiator has a leak.

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