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A grand jury has been convened in Cook County, Illinois, in connection with new allegations against singer R. Kelly, according to CNN.

r kelly

The latest round of accusations against the singer — who has allegations of sexual misconduct against him dating back 25 years, although he has never been convicted — arise in the wake of a new sex tape that allegedly shows the singer engaging in sex acts with an underage girl.

Attorney Michael Avenatti claimed last week that he had given the tape to the State’s Attorney’s office.

Steve Greenberg, an attorney for Kelly said he had not been notified of a grand jury.

“No one from law enforcement has contacted me or my client regarding any potential investigation,” he said. “In Cook County, Illinois, there is a regular Grand Jury that sits every month.  They rarely have a special grand jury’ and when there is one it is in response to a very public request to the Chief Judge for a ‘special prosecutor.’  Grand jury proceedings are, by law, supposed to be secret. so to the extent people are commenting on what may or may not be going on they are conceivably violating the law.  I can tell you that I am unaware of any proceedings, and do not anticipate any charges.”

By Damilola Faustino

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